Darcydares is an online sex shop based in Melbourne, Australia, and our goal is to provide our customers with quality products at affordable prices. All of our products are sourced directly from the manufacturer and we ensure our suppliers only use quality materials. 

We're literally looking high and low to make sure we’ve always got awesome stuff to offer you that you can't find anywhere else. With clever wordplay, catchy slogans, and quirky illustrations, our products tend to stand out from the crowd—and now you can too.

Why Shop with Darcydares?

Shopping for sex toys with DarcyDares is like shopping with a friend you trust 100%. We believe our sex shop offers the best products at the best prices, along with plenty of great advice. We're constantly scanning the market for new and exciting toys to satisfy your every fantasy and desire. Each sex toy is inspected and reviewed by our experts and by our customers. Over time, this has allowed us to compile the most comprehensive sex toy review database compared to any adult store out there. 

Now, you can take full advantage of that knowledge and expertise to ensure you are complete satisfaction. 


Customer Service

Contact one of our customer service operators anytime by emailing support@darcydares.com 

We will respond within 48 hours.

Refunds & Exchanges

Should you require a refund or exchange, please read our Terms of service

 and Refund Policy

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